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Simple Guide to Hiring Great Employees

Most companies that are in need of new employees believe that recruiting is a tough process because the greatest candidates already work for someone else. This is true to some extent. There are many candidates with all the talent out there, but employers need to look for them in the right candidate pool. The trickiest thing when it comes to recruiting is that it is not an exact science. There is no a specific recipe or rule that guarantees you will hire the right person, but there are several tips that might come in handy when hiring a candidate.
Finding the right empoyee

Finding the Right Employees for Your Company

Each employee has a tremendous impact on achieving and sustaining the growth of a company. It’s as clear as crystal that making a bad hire can lead to disastrous consequences for a firm. Many business leaders are familiar with the fact that high-quality candidates play a significant role in achieving business goals, but they still do not spend enough time on finding the right fit for their projects. There are so many questions that business owners and entrepreneurs need to ask themselves before they hire someone. How to approach hiring? How to attract the best candidates and make the right decision? Where to find the best candidates? Here are some useful tips that could help you improve your hiring process.

Be Clear and Concise When Giving a Job Description

Common Startup HR Mistakes

Startups often face ups and downs, it’s just the nature of the beast, but many of the downs are caused by having a poorly planned human resource strategy. Moving forward we’ll discuss some the human resource mistakes made by startups and how your startup can avoid them.

How to Score Big at a Startup Interview

In the startup world a well written resume is no guarantee of a job offer. Personality and cultural fit are what separate the qualified from the new hires. Candidates sometimes struggle to move forward in the hiring process due to some common missteps that can be overcome with practice and preparation.

Salary Negotiation 101

Salary negotiation is an inevitable part of taking on a new job, but how do you approach it? Should you go by what you see on Glassdoor? What says your position is worth? What you salary was in your previous position?

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