Best Business Communication Tools

Best Business Communication Tools

Communication is a vital aspect of virtually all business. With the startup spring that has come to characterize the millennial workforce, the increase in remote workers, and the technology centric business environment – we’ve seen some interesting and innovative tools crop up that are changing the face of how we organize, communicate, and approach projects.

Will you be Eligible for overtime pay?

Earlier this year, the White House announced a new rule that may impact your paycheck. The ruling stated that anyone making an annual salary under $47,476 will automatically qualify for overtime pay once they work past 40 hours per week. This is quite a large change since the threshold was only a salary of 23, 660 before this ruling was made in Washington D.C. According to Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, 35% of salaried workers will automatically become eligible once this change becomes available.

Our Job Candidates Can Be Your Next Leaders

As recruiters, we find the best talent for the open positions at your company. Once we find the perfect candidate, we hand them off to you. Knowing that we have recruited the best candidate for the job, we want them to quickly feel as if they are a crucial part of your company. If you want your new employee to be successful in their new role, it’s important to give them room to grow within your company. One way to do this is to foster a company culture in which employees feel as if they are in a leadership role. When employees feel as if they are leaders, they contribute more effort to their work and take the lead in different circumstances. Here are a few different ways you can encourage your new employee to feel as if they are a leader in your business.
  1. Set a good example. The easiest way create new leaders in the workplace is to show others how it is done. Set high standards by exhibiting good habits and actions that you would like them to have.
  2. Appreciate them. We recruited them for a reason. Once they have become a part of your team, make sure they understand how happy you are to have them. With positive comments, you will be able to inspire them, which will make them great leaders down the road. Praise them for their leader-like abilities and they will continue using those attributes in the workplace.
  3. Recognize their strengths. They’ve listed special skills on their resumes. It’s time to let them put those skills to work. Talk to them about their different strengths and interests. Then, encourage them to take charge in roles that allow them to utilize those skills.
  4. Give them more responsibility. Allow them to be accountable for different aspects of the business. With more responsibility, they will naturally use their leadership skills to accomplish their tasks.
  5. Lastly, help them grow. As a manager, you are able to help them become better leaders. Watch them and discover which leadership attributes they have. Show them that you see these qualities in them and then give them the opportunity to use those skills in the workplace.
Delivering Bad News

Delivering Bad News

Many of us in the industry believe that the best way to deliver bad news to coworkers and employees is to remain objective, smile and try to remain positive throughout the entire conversation. However, this is not always the case.

Why You Aren’t Successful at a Career Fair

The last few semesters of college can be rather overwhelming. A student at the end of their college years must begin searching for the job they will take immediately after graduation. Many colleges and universities host career fairs on campus with the hopes of making the job search easier for their students.
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