Can Connection Improve Your Company’s Performance?

Everyone desires to feel connected, especially in the workplace. Wanting to feel connected is a human need. When you sense that you belong to something bigger than yourself, you feel better. Feeling connected to your company could improve your work performance. This is why businesses should help employees feel connected to their brand.


Encourage others to join your exciting brand

You know better than ever that your business is an exciting place to work. You have great co-workers, motivating leaders and well-made products. You could probably go on and on about how great your daily work experience is, yet it would be hard for someone else to understand. When someone is on the outside looking in, they may not be able to grasp the magnitude of your work experience and excitement.

Avoiding a Poor Hiring Decision

A poor hiring decision could be costly. It is estimated that hiring the wrong person could cost your business up to 300% of an employee’s base salary. This estimated number is configured based on hiring and training costs, low employee morale and decreased productivity in the workplace. This hiring mistake could then negatively impact the client-customer relationship and create a loss in business. Essentially, a hiring decision can make (or break) a business.

A Valuable Thank You for Recruiters

Recruiting is a unique field of work. Many recruiters find that the job can cause emotional and psychological draining because the demands of the job are constantly requiring that we exceed our goals and always go above and beyond. When we’re done with one thing, it is expected that we immediately start finding more candidates, fill other open positions and schedule more interviews. It is as if we’re never truly done.
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