Technology- A Recruiting Evolution

Like many industries across the world, the recruiting industry is constantly changing.  Years ago, people did not even use recruiters to fill open positions. Hiring managers would take out an ad in a newspaper and list an opening. This hiring tactic seems ancient in today’s day and age. The nature of recruiting and staffing has changed.

Make a Lasting First Impression

Are you familiar with the term “elevator pitch”?  The idea behind this phrase is a sales pitch in a timely manner, in the amount of time it would take to ride an elevator to the top floor. Many prospective employees practice giving elevator pitches by quickly listing their best assets, qualifications and previous work experiences in the hopes of getting a chance to interview at the company. But employees are not the only ones who use elevator pitches to get a chance at what they want.

Should We Hire Remote Workers For Our Company

Have you noticed more positions that don’t require workers to spend time in the office? There are nearly four million employees in the United States that work remotely. Because of the advancement of technology and increase of mobile and video messaging, employees are able to stay connected from anywhere.
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