Supporting Senior Business Leaders

Supporting Senior Business Leaders

CiNQ Recruitment’s consulting services support senior business leaders who are committed to improving the overall success rates of their organizations’ projects. We work with our clients’ teams to identify holistic objectives and design customized solutions to achieve those goals.

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Managing Cultural Change

With CiNQ Recruitment’s Managing Cultural Change service, we collaborate with senior leaders to identify, design and implement wide-ranging cultural change initiatives that drive program and project success rates across the enterprise.

Implementation Audits

Through structured Project and Program Implementation audits, we delve into the details of your project portfolio, or individual projects, to identify issues and innovate solutions that help your portfolio performance course correct and soar.

Consulting Services Orlando

Best Consulting Practices Support

The strongest internal teams, through no fault of their own, often remain limited in scope because they represent a single organization. CiNQ Recruitment’s seasoned consultants form a diverse staff of business experts who command a wealth of past organizational experience and lessons learned across clients, projects, industries and job categories. We bring this knowledge to clients in our Best Practices Support service, which works in tandem with senior decision makers and mid-level managers seeking greater control over their project and change pipelines.

Strategy Facilitation

Outpacing your competitors means staying abreast of trends, pioneering methodologies and perfecting new skills. CiNQ Recruitment’s unique Strategy Facilitation offering targets these business imperatives through informative off-site strategy sessions with senior-level managers. We host cognitive forums that stimulate debate and help your teams make informed decisions that drive project pipeline prioritization and management.

Business Process Outsourcing

Indirect services spend represents one of the fastest growing segments of the staffing industry. Close to 75% of contingent workers operate under a contract or Statement of Work (SOW) arrangement. And yet, 76% of clients struggle to control costs and quality. Our expertise in contract and SOW worker management covers everything from requisitioning to invoicing. CiNQ Recruitment’s Business Process Outsourcing solution supports current state evaluations, gap analysis, capability assessments, process design, cost savings modeling, managed services modeling and vendor management technology options that are specific to each client’s industry, job categories, geographies and cultures.

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