How to Score Big at a Startup Interview

In the startup world a well written resume is no guarantee of a job offer. Personality and cultural fit are what separate the qualified from the new hires. Candidates sometimes struggle to move forward in the hiring process due to some common missteps that can be overcome with practice and preparation.

Do Your Research!

Google is your friend. Actually, so is every possible source of information about the company and its staff. You’re expected to have done some preliminary research before coming in for your interview. After all, the company has probably done some digging around on you.

You should come prepared to discuss at least three points that have been emphasized on the both the employment advertisement and the startup’s website. If the startup has some initiatives that they’re planning on rolling out – indicate your interest and how you believe you could contribute to their efforts.

If the hiring manager can envision you in the company as a competent and contributing member of staff – you’re already way ahead of the curve.


Show Them Who You Are Outside of Your Resume

Most hiring managers don’t want you to parrot what’s already on your resume. Your resume got you to the table, but you have to be able to show the hiring manager who you are and what you can contribute – preferably something that they haven’t already read. CINQ Recruitment can will help you to in interview training etc.

Most companies, startups included, are looking for someone who’ll be a good fit with the rest of the employees, the workplace culture, and can contribute to the shared mission.

You need to be able to show the hiring manager how you’ll contribute to the startup’s vision. Some good practice would be to pick a few of the company values and practice telling anecdotes in which you’ve put them to action.

Be Authentic

Odds are you’re not the first or last person the hiring manager will be interviewing for the position. It’s important to strike a chord with the hiring manager and show them your authentic self. The best way to do that is to story tell your qualifications – it’ll keep them engaged, display your unique character, and reinforce how you’d be a good fit for the position.

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